Update 18th August 2007

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We are currently in southern NSW enjoying the cold weather ;o) we will be in Vic and SA in the next few weeks, visiting family and promoting our vision.

We had a set back this week when we had an accident in the car that was loaned to us (sorry Greg oops!!!). Nobody was hurt but the car is a write off. We have been fortunate that the driver that ran into us was the founder of a car dealership and was good enough to loan us a car for a week until we could make other arrangements, there are good people in all walks of life.

We have been offered the loan of another car so we can continue with our travel plans. God is good.

We are hoping to have the support we need to return to Mozambique in November. We are well short of our target of 100 x $10 per week at this stage and ask for your continued prayers in this area. We thank the people that have pledged support and those that are helping us achieve our vision in many different ways. We pray that God rewards you for your generosity.
Please also pray for our continued protection as we travel, and for God to use us when we have the opportunity to minister to people.

Launch of our Blog

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Exciting launch of our blog, where you can find regular updates on our mission in Africa.