September 2007

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We have traveled from Adelaide to Pambula in NSW and are now in Sydney. We have been busy sharing our vision with many people and the response has been great. We were asked to visit a school to spend time talking to the students and staff, and we have visited a church youth camp to speak about our work and life-style in Mozambique. We have also met with many church leaders sharing our vision.

As Christians and particularly as missionaries it is important that we remember our role, we are to share the good news of salvation, and to love people. This sounds simple but the greatest challenge is remembering our role in every situation we may face.

We are praying that we are able to return to Mozambique in November. We are grateful for the opportunity we have to train 200 church leaders in Mozambique. We estimate that this teaching will directly affect more than 20 000 people and be of benefit to everybody in the community. In Australia church leaders have the opportunity to attend Bible training, but in other parts of the world it is not possible for many leaders to gain training. It is fulfilling to be able to take the teaching to people who otherwise could never get bible training. We are also blessed to have the opportunity to work along side Laine and Roslyn Willis who have a fantastic history of ministry.

Gabi and Thomas are enjoying the traveling, Gabi is doing well with her school work and Thomas has finished with nappies, yes!!

We will be back in Brisbane next week and will remain in QLD until we have enough partners to support our ministry with prayer and finance.

We pray that God will bless congregations allowing churches to support new ministries, and that we will have 15 churches willing to commit in partnering with us.

We thank you for your prayer and financial support, may God bless you in every way.

Please stand with us in prayer for our protection as we travel and that we will be able to return to Mozambique this November.

December 2006

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Hi all
Last month water was scarce, but this month we’ve had a good amount of rain. There has been a lot of local flooding, one of the ITM employees walked though waist deep water just to get to work. An hour later, our language teacher turned up for our lesson, he too had walked through waist deep water, what commitment!!!

Unfortunately Beira is surrounded by low lying areas and these types of areas should be used for anything but housing, but the land is cheap so many houses are built here. We know of 3 people drowning in their beds one night it rained heavy, and others must also have been caught unaware.

People are wading though water to get to and from their homes as many of the roads and paths are flooded along with many houses with water in them 4 days after the rain.
The good news is that many people planted rice last month so the rising water is just what was needed. The wells have a high level of water and all other the crops have been watered.
December sees most of the ITM staff away on leave, there are five of us still here helping the 3rd year students prepare to leave early 2007 to start new churches. There will be 4 churches started in Zambezia which is a province to the north of where we are. All the students have suitable accommodation waiting for them, and were impressed with what they saw in the photos taken.

In November Greg was the guest speaker at 3 different churches. He spoke in a church where one of the students belonged, then following week was asked to speak at a church opening in the same denomination. Many pastors attended the opening and it was great to talk with them after the 4 hour service. Over lunch the pastors expressed their gratitude that we want to work together with them in fulfilling the great commission.

We are encouraged by your support, thank you.

Kim was asked to speak about disease prevention at a community health seminar hosted by another mission organization. By all reports her topic was well received and appreciated. I am sure she will be asked to speak at many conferences in the future.

The Story of the Capulana
A capulana is a colourful cloth that is worn around a woman’s waist as a skirt, but it has many, many uses as I have discovered since coming to Mozambique! This handy piece of fabric can also be used as a curtain, a table cloth, an apron or a sheet to cover babies and adults alike as they sleep on a bamboo mat. It is used often as a baby carrier for children up to 2 years of age on your back or front, and as we have learnt, invaluable in tying Thomas to our back so we can continue our journey when he falls asleep on the pushbike.
They are also great to use as a jumper if you are cold, a picnic rug when you need somewhere to sit, and a towel when you are sweaty. Women don’t just wear one at a time; I have seen 2 and 3 capulanas worn at once. They are also great to tie your money in the corner, as most women do not carry a purse or handbag. I cannot imagine not carrying one with me now, but if you had asked me 6 months ago the benefits of carrying half a bed sheet with me everywhere I go I think the answer may have been a little different!!

Prayer Points:
Please pray for the 2007 third year students setting up their new churches. They are leaving home and family as they go.
Please pray that the new churches will be successful.
Please continue to pray for our language learning (there is slight improvement!!).