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We are in South East Queensland working towards returning to Mozambique soon.

Thank God for people like Reinhard Bonnke. Who have a passion and gift for reaching out to the nations of Africa, millions are saved through these meetings. Have you ever wondered what happens to these people who are saved on mass?

As people called to Africa we have given this question much thought. The chance of these people falling away from God must be great. Imagine if we more than doubled your church new converts, would your culture survive. Would your people influence the new people, would your resources cope? Could you provide the new people with discipleship training? How much time would it take for you to be ready to receive so many people? Could you send out multiple teams to start churches in neighbouring areas?

Take these questions and apply them to a church where the Pastor has little or no biblical training and can’t read a bible. This is a common situation for Pastors in Mozambique. It is why we are training rural church leaders. We need to ensure new converts, no matter how they are led to the Lord, are discipled and nurtured with a mind set of multiplying churches.

To train 200 church leaders affects more than 200 people, it populates heaven, it lifts the standard of living for thousands and in time millions. It gives young people hope. Mozambicans will reach Mozambique with the tools we give them. In time we want to see the Mozambicans plant hundreds of churches, we want to see those churches thrive ensuring that everybody who attends is given the discipleship they need to remain strong Christians.

We are called to work in Mozambique for God’s glory, want to join us? The ministry we are part of has a profound effect on the nation. Be involved and be blessed.