Steam Train

9:05 AM Harts for Africa 0 Comments

As I was praying today I saw ministry as a steam train, as we sit in the station building up steam it takes time, once we start the journey it looks like we will never reach full speed, but the engineer knows that everything is moving as it should. The exciting time is down the track when the train reaches full speed. The time to join a train is while it sits at a station. How fast can a steam train go, it depends on the engine. In ministry, prayer is our engine and this is why we need a team to give strength and help build the momentum.

To get Harts for Africa out of the station we need prayer in the following two areas:

We have postponed our departure date due to a hold up with visas, please pray we get them soon.
We have a commitment with AOGWM not to leave until we have 100% of our required support in writing. We are $580 short at this time.
It was great to hear a pastor say that God would not allow him to sleep until his church joined us in ministry, another church was committed to joining us before we met them. Churches and individuals have listened to our vision and made a choice to commit. It doesn’t matter how people have decided to join with us, it is important that they have.

If you want to join us with financial support, please contact AOGWM Toll Free: 1800 555 301 and they will give you details
God Bless