Have a Very Merry Christmas!

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What a wonderful time of year. Why? Because this is the most important time in the Christian calendar, this is the time of year we remember God’s love when He sent His only son as a gift for us.

Have a fantastic Christmas, enjoy it with others and remember to thank the Lord that we are loved and cared for by Him. We pray that you will be able to share His story this week.

God Bless

Is God controlling or in control?

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I have heard many people over time say “it’s OK God is in control”. This statement is true but does it mean that God is controlling? Whilst God most certainly is in control, He allows consequences for our actions.

Let us make sure our actions declare the good news of salvation to others, as St. Francis of Assisi said "Preach the gospel. And if necessary, use words."

Our role is to disciple Mozambican leaders so they in turn can reach out to others. God wants us to partner with Him in ensuring all tribes and tongues are given the chance to eternal life.

We thank all the people who have taken action to be part of this team, we know this has positive consequences.

Our visa applications are in the hands of the Government please continue to pray that these will be processed without undue delay.

3rd December 2007

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Prayer points:

Visas to be approved soon.

Financial pledges to come in.

On our travels we saw this huge 88 stand shearing shed near Dalby.
200 000 sheep were shorn here each year!

We are still in Australia waiting for our visa application to be processed. We trust that the timing will be right when these are finally approved.
Once enough pledges come in to meet our budget we can prepare and sign contracts with World Mission, ready to leave when visas are approved. We are still short at this time. We thank everybody who has pledged their support and trust you will be blessed as a result.

In the mean time our delay has given us the opportunity to share our vision with some great churches and may give us a chance to spend Christmas with our family. God knows this is important as we won’t be able to be with extended family for several years once we leave for Mozambique.

As a family we have been blessed, spending time with friends and meeting people that have a heart to help others.