Clearing out

9:10 AM Harts for Africa 2 Comments

In 2006 we reduced our worldly possessions so we could store the important things for when we resettle in Australia. It took us several garage sales and trips to the op shops, as well time to consider who could benefit from some of our surplus possessions.

This was one of the most liberating times of our life. Both Kim and I felt freedom in clearing out the cupboards, finding spare shelf space. We thought we were quite ruthless but the things we kept have been stored for over 20 months and we miss very little of it. Living out of suitcases has been a real blessing. We have been set free of clever advertising designed to tempt us to collect more stuff. We have to carefully weigh up the need and space available for each item we carry. We have found that many things we owned in the past to help us enjoy life, actually contributed to stress as they broke down or had to be stored somewhere.

The enjoyment of life lies in the mind and the heart. We enjoy life by the way we live it and the relationships we have, not by the stuff we carry.

We are still waiting in Brisbane for the Mozambique Government to approve our application for residential visas. We are hoping the New Year may see them approved soon. Then it will be a test to see if our accumulated possessions will fit within the airline baggage allowance as we return to Mozambique.