Extract from September 2006 newsletter

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Over the past month we have spent time with a team visiting from Australia. We visited churches, planted at the beginning of this year. Travelling the 1500 km round trip, we saw a dry, dusty landscape that will not receive rain for months. Many villages had stores of food visible in overhead bins, with even more villages having little evidence of food to sustain them for the up coming months. In some places the goats that dotted the landscape left us wondering what they possibly could have to eat.
When we arrived at each church we found them healthy, each with well over 100 people attending. One church was in the process of being extended as it was experiencing rapid growth. This is fantastic as they were started from scratch by the third year church plant students not local to the area. When some of the church planters arrived in their new community, they were met with suspicion but after months of integration they now are accepted well by the locals.
The visit was part of the assessment process, with areas assessed including the business used to provide income, the garden used to grow food, record keeping, hygiene (construction of showers and toilets), the church format and it’s effectiveness.