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HIV/AIDS what a problem! This disease kills the work force, it kills parents, it kills the educators. AIDS leaves behind the very young and very old. This causes so many problems for nations trying to get out of poverty. In Mozambique 1.8 million people between the ages of 15-49 are infected with HIV, in a country where the Government spends US$28 per person on health each year, AIDS patients take 60% of the hospital beds.

How can we stop its deadly spread? We can treat the sick, prolonging life. We can educate people on what causes it and how to prevent its spread. In the western world we accept that protection will prevent AIDS from spreading, in Mozambique it is thought that protection takes away from a man’s masculinity so men avoid it.
In some tribes it is thought that AIDS can be cured by sleeping with a virgin, these things contribute to its rapid spread. Some people who are infected by AIDS get so angry they pay back by infecting as many people as they can, this is very sad.

We believe that as Christian values are accepted the spread of AIDS should be reduced. We see that by teaching the way of God we can make a difference. We teach and reemphasize these values to over 200 church leaders in Mozambique, who in turn teach thousands. In time this should turn the tide and reduce the AIDS death toll.

There is no quick fix for controlling the spread of AIDS but the Bible does give us the answer, by increasing biblical teaching amongst churches we will make a difference.