Mozambican homes

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This is a home 12km outside Mozambique's second largest city. It would typically house 6 people sleeping on bamboo mats on cement floor. This would be considered an average home made from bamboo and rocks with a cement render.

This home is the same as above, the owners have not found either the time or resources to render the outside. This home gives no relief from the mosquitoes

These homes have been built in low lying areas as the land is affordable and close to the rice fields. Note the rocks holding down the roof.
The home in the middle is one of the cheapest to build, it is made from saplings and grass with a dirt floor, not much fun in the flood, which will last several months of the year

This village is in a northern provence on the coast. The water is caused by a high spring tide. The people who live in these homes are typically fishermen and follow the Islamic faith.

This home is made from mud bricks and has a thatched roof. There are 2 bed rooms and a living room. The house is home to 4 people.

This was our home for most of our time in Mozambique. We had running water as we were able to pump water from a well into the overhead tank.
The house was built from cement blocks. It has 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a living room. The whole house is roughly the same size as a double garage.