Business Development

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Transport is provided via hand drawn carts. We have seen several ton of cement carried in one cart.
Maize is bought in bulk and sold in smaller portions
The need for foreign investment and local enterprise is apparent in
Mozambique if it is to be removed from the list of poorest nations in the world. Foreign investment creates jobs and opportunities for locals to create businesses to cater for new needs. It also creates a work force that can be taxed, providing the Government much needed funds to develop infastructure, such as schools, hospitials, roads, etc.....
We are able to help local people to develop businesses by helping them to identify the need and develop strategies to cater for that need. Many people we know are very capable of running businesses but live in poverty due to a lack of training or a lack of self confidence. It is my vision to see Mozambicans sucessfully running the majority of businesses in the country.