Extract of June 2007 Newsletter

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The above picture is a typical Church building, the second photo is of Thomas enjoying the church service, ( Dad’s preaching!).

The last month we have been privileged to spend time speaking in local churches, we have seen people receive Jesus as their saviour at every meeting, which is great! We have also seen the hand of God moving during the meetings, filling people with the Holy Spirit and setting others free.
Many leaders of the local churches have had little or no training and are desperate to have input to help them grow as leaders. We have pastors visit our home to meet and discuss how to improve their meetings and how to deal with issues that arise in their lives. We also visit the houses of church leaders to encourage them.
One pastor I have spent time with has a very interesting story: he had a vision one day where he was told to close his shop and open a church. This man then became a Christian, completed 3 a month bible college course and started a church within a short time. He and his wife have a heart to help other Mozambicans but without further training and mentoring, their church could easily become another cult. By being aware of the need for further biblical teaching and counsel this couple will grow and be leaders of a thriving church doing good for the people of Beira. This is one example of the need for Pastor training and mentoring, there are many leaders desiring training particularly in villages.
Many people have not heard of Jesus or the salvation plan God has for us all. But at the same time many of those that do attend and lead churches lack teaching and mentoring. The bottom line is Mozambique needs more people that are willing to serve God and the people.