Can we make a difference?

9:25 AM Harts for Africa 2 Comments

There are many ways we can help the people of Africa. We can set up orphanages or schools to help children have a better life. We could feed the masses who don’t have enough food to live a healthy life.

Jesus has told us to make disciples, why? One reason is because it will cause people to take care of others. We are just one family and we can’t do everything in Mozambique that needs to be done. But we are devoted to the community leaders; to disciple and encourage them to take care of the needs of their own people. Mozambicans will make the difference in Mozambique, as more people know the heart of Jesus, the better off each community will be. We believe in a top down approach, by influencing the leaders you can change a community. As people turn from following Jesus their communities fall apart, each person becomes me centered.

Can we make a difference? We sure can! God has not given us an impossible mission, but He is faithful and true. Let’s work together to improve the lives and well-being of many Africans.

Please pray for us as we carry out the vision that is in our hearts.
Thank you and God Bless