Deadly Water

3:56 PM Harts for Africa 1 Comments

People are good at making science fit into their perception of the world. Back when the western world was in the west and the eastern world was to the east it was common knowledge that the world was flat. It was considered stupid to think differently. Now in the western world evolution has the same hold in science. You must be crazy to believe God actually created the earth and all that is in it, even if the evidence points toward it being fact.
In Africa there are many common beliefs that are considered fact, such as evil spirits cause sickness, what are germs?

Cholera is currently affecting people in Mozambique, many are dying from drinking unclean water. If you believe evil spirits cause sickness why stop drinking unclean water? Ignorance is not bliss, it is deadly. We have to pass on the knowledge we have to enable all people to live a long healthy life, set free.