5:13 PM Harts for Africa 1 Comments

The TV news stated that record numbers of people attended church services over the Easter weekend. They gave the reason that the increasing cost of living is causing people to seek God. It is a shame that many people don’t think of God unless they need Him. How often we pray for things to go well for our friends and family when we could ask that they find God in their trouble. Will good times cause them to ignore the fullness of living in Christ? The truth is people who don’t know God, may only see His goodness when He helps them through a crisis.

The unwise ask ‘how can there be a God with the world so messed up?’ The question is how messed up would the world be without Him? We should pray that our friends and family come into relationship with Jesus, what ever it takes. It is only then they will truly enjoy and understand life’s purpose and meaning.

We have spent the past week at a leader’s summit hosted by Kings Christian Church in Buderim. To help other people grow we must first grow ourselves. All the speakers brought fantastic messages and it was a privilege to sit and hear great ministry. The past week has in itself made up for the delay in our return to Mozambique.

On the visa, we hope to have some news soon.

God Bless, and have a great week.