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In Australia we remember the men and women who have fought in war to keep Australia free. It is important that we remember and respect this day as one of the most important for our nation.

On ANZAC day people who have served as missionaries meet together in Brisbane. This is an appropriate day as they are soldiers in God's army who work to set people of the world free in the name of Jesus. We attended the get-together this year and had a great time renewing friendships and meeting new friends, all of whom are totally committed to the cause. One of the first missionary's to serve in our organisation spent time in PNG as a soldier in the Australian army. When the war was over he returned to help the people of PNG in another way, building churches. His family and many others with them grew the church in PNG from nothing to over 1300 churches strong in the gospel and functioning independently.

These people have shown that with committed vision big things can be accomplished by those serving Jesus.