Going, Going..................

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Going back to Africa is a mission in itself. We have to take things we can't buy in Africa like medical reference and helpful books, insect repellent, sunscreen (you can buy it there if you like wearing white paint), school texts, computer equipment etc... and fit it into a reasonable size bag as we have to lug the stuff through 3 countries on our way to Mozambique.
We have to ensure we inform Government departments that need to know we will be away for 3 years, plus many other last minute tasks, whilst remaining relaxed and able to catch up with people before we leave.
Hoping on the plane is bittersweet. We look forward to arriving in Africa but know that we just left friends and family and wont see them for the next 3 Christmas days, birthdays and all other significant events in our lives.
We go with an unquentiable desire to help Africa, to make a difference and to have a life that counts for something more than a collection of stuff that will end up as landfill after we pass away.
Its not long now and we can take you with us on the next chapter of Harts for Africa.