Internet at last

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Finally we have internet at home. We arranged for the local phone company to connect the internet to our home. The people I dealt with were friendly and helpful, I felt like we made new friends. Over the course of the next 2 weeks I saw these friends 9 times and Kim saw them 3 times as we visited to sort out why we were still without a connection we were told it takes 4 days. If you don’t keep on visiting you go to the bottom of the pile. It turns out thieves had stolen a section of phone line in the street which needed to be replaced. Copper is worth quite a bit of money. We saw a news article where police caught people with a car boot full of wire stolen to be sold as scrap.

Independence Day

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On the Day of Independence public holiday the loud music in our neighbourhood started at 6am. We had 3 houses competing for the right to entertain the area, he with the loudest volume wins. It took about an hour for two people to give up and declare the last music blaring the winner. Thomas got out of bed and asked if it was church day, as every Sunday we have a musicathon where our neighbours play their music at the optimum volume. That means turn it up until the speakers start to distort then turn it up a bit more. Sometimes a Sunday blackout brings a welcomed peace and quite. We expected that the music will stop at around 3am alas 6am it stopped. I have a gift of being able to sleep though anything. So don’t mind at night but during the day hearing myself think has proved a challenge.

Independence Day falls on the 25 June for Mozambique. It is always greeted with celebrations, especially in the capital of Maputo. The day starts off with an address by the president, choirs and performances of traditional dances. The festivities climax with a huge concert in the national stadium featuring big names in contemporary Mozambiquan music.

Aids in Africa News Article

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AIDS epidemic a disaster - Red Cross
From correspondents in Geneva
June 26, 2008 01:52pm
Article from: Agence France-Presse
THE AIDS epidemic in southern Africa is so severe it should be classed as a disaster comparable to floods or famine, a new Red Cross study says.
In its annual World Disasters Report, the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) said today that there was "no doubt" that HIV/AIDS matches the United Nations definition of a disaster.
The UN's Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs classes a disaster as a "serious disruption of the functioning of a society, causing widespread human, material or environmental losses which exceed the ability of a society to cope using only its own resources".
The IFRC said such a situation exists in sub-Saharan Africa, which is home to about two-thirds of the world's HIV-positive cases.
At least one person in 10 is living with HIV in nations such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland and Zambia, the report said.

Speaking through the third person.

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We travelled a short distance to lead a Pastor training seminar. A good number of Pastors and leaders attended. There is a time for questions and answers each day and the typical question of how many wives should a Pastor have is often asked. This is never raised in Australia but different cultures have different problems. Mozambique is a culture where the third person is used instead of going to the person involved you go to a mutual friend who in turn takes the issue to the first person. As Aussies we have to be aware that we seem very rude or angry by approaching somebody directly. In Australia it is considered using a third person is a form of gossip but in Africa it is the culturally correct thing to do.

Church community project

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On Saturday we met with a Pastor to talk about a programme he wants to start with local orphans. We are glad to see a local Pastor get hold of reaching his community through acts of love and caring for those who are without hope.
This church has identified 68 orphans in there local community and many of them were at the project launch, were the Pastor shared with the community his hope of providing training for these children. The zone chief was present to hear the plans. My hope and prayer is that this project will get off the ground and become successful as this church has influence with many other churches. Please pray for God to guide this Pastor as he seeks the best way to help these underprivileged kids.

Home sweet home

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We have been blessed to find a home of our own quickly. One of our Mozambican friends had found this home for us and it was just what we hoped for. We move in this week. Yes it has running water and electricity (most of the time). Praise God!!The motor bike is still going well. It started easy and I was able to ride it to buy fresh petrol without trouble. The next day it started first kick. I have been able to get out and about but Kim and the kids are a less mobile until we are able to get a car.

South Africa stay

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We arrived in Jo’burg and were met by relations of Aussie friends. We stayed with this family until our paperwork was organised at the Mozambique High Commission allowing us to enter Mozambique on the correct visa. Kevin and Sue were great hosts, we felt comfortable and blessed to stay with them. Thanks. A bonus for us was we were able to recover from our tummy bug whilst there.
Arriving in Beira Mozambique on the 20th was a relief to finally be back. We were met at the airport by friends. The place we are staying at has no running water which is a real back home feeling. We have had our first power cut, now we feel at home.