Independence Day

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On the Day of Independence public holiday the loud music in our neighbourhood started at 6am. We had 3 houses competing for the right to entertain the area, he with the loudest volume wins. It took about an hour for two people to give up and declare the last music blaring the winner. Thomas got out of bed and asked if it was church day, as every Sunday we have a musicathon where our neighbours play their music at the optimum volume. That means turn it up until the speakers start to distort then turn it up a bit more. Sometimes a Sunday blackout brings a welcomed peace and quite. We expected that the music will stop at around 3am alas 6am it stopped. I have a gift of being able to sleep though anything. So don’t mind at night but during the day hearing myself think has proved a challenge.

Independence Day falls on the 25 June for Mozambique. It is always greeted with celebrations, especially in the capital of Maputo. The day starts off with an address by the president, choirs and performances of traditional dances. The festivities climax with a huge concert in the national stadium featuring big names in contemporary Mozambiquan music.