Computers - what a wonderful helpful tool?

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I am very aware of the lack of computer experts in Mozambique. With this in mind I carefully backed up all of our data before leaving Australia and back up regularly here. We have had a hardware problem that weeks of fixing could not cure. It was time to format the hard drive. Ouch… I read online how to do this and backed up all the documents. I also used Norton Ghost to copy the complete hard drive onto DVD’s. I copied the names of all the drivers for components on the computer just incase some of the drivers did not reloaded properly. A great fool proof plan, or so you would think.

Would you believe it Norton Ghost can’t access its own files to reinstall the hard drive information. I don’t know if it’s a dodgy DVD or a dodgy program. So back to the original installation DVD’s. For some reason now I am without Microsoft Money 2005 yes I have a registration key but no installation disk (must have left it in Australia). I can download the program online that needs to be installed on machines with a date older than 2006, guess what my machine is considered new by Microsoft due to the reformatted hard drive.

Six days later I am still three drivers short, but at least the computer is working.
The fun we have living in the third world, you have to be an expert because there often is not someone else. The leading computer shop in town has a reputation of reformatting the computer hard drive to fix everything.

If you know of online sites that can provide me with MS Money 2005 and or the following drivers;
Texas Instruments PCIxx21/x515 cardbus controller
ATI RADEON XPRESS 200M (display adapter)
Texas Instruments PCIxx21 Intergrated FlashMedia Controller.
Please email me with solutions and I will name my next child in your honor. (no Kim is not pregnant just a figure of speech.)