Mozambique to invest in gas powered vehicles

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MAPUTO - Mozambique will invest in gas powered vehicles to reduce its dependence on imported fuel and cut down its soaring oil bill, a minister said on Tuesday.

Environment Minister Alcinda Abreu, told reporters that Mozambique's plentiful supplies of natural gas could play a big role in achieving the country's energy and environmental goals.

It has already imported several gas-operated buses for public transport from China.

"Mozambique is a country with huge potential in the energy sector and natural gas is a resource that occupies a special position, with reserves estimated at 3.6 trillion cubic feet in the Pande and Temane fields (in the southern province of Inhambane)," she said.

Mozambique will this year spend $700 million on fuel imports due to the increase of crude oil on the international market.(Charles Mangwiro - Reuters)