Rapid phone connection.

7:21 PM Harts for Africa 0 Comments

I turned on the computer this morning to update our blog and could not get an Internet connection. I checked the phone to find it also was dead. Friday night is the night of "movement" so I walked outside and found someone had stolen 70 meters of phone line along the street.
It seems I have friends in the phone company because the phone line was replaced within 2 hours on a Saturday. The boss wanted me to call him once it was fixed. He asked what are we going to do as we are in Africa and thieves will keep taking the wire. I suggested underground wires and he is already organising a crew for next week to bury the line. This is great service considering the part of the world we live. We thought we would go without Internet for 1 or 2 weeks, yet it was only 2 hours so we are very grateful for the prompt response.