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Congratulations to two of our Pastor friends this month. Both families have a new addition in the way of a baby. For one family it is child number 8, for the other it is child number 4. It is interesting to stop and think of the logistics of getting to the hospital riding a push bike, in time to deliver a baby. Usally the expectant mother sits side saddle on the back rack whilst hubby peddles as fast as he is game.

I heard of one couple who got within sight of the hospital before mum said they had to stop because the baby was coming now and would wait no longer. Many ladies rushed to her aid to set up a screen for privacy and they baby was delivered on the side of the road.

In both cases this month the husband and wife were able to make the hospital without incident.

We are often asked if the Australian government has a 2 child policy because here in Africa people think the more children the better so they think it odd that we have only two children.