Interesting People

3:51 AM Harts for Africa 0 Comments

In a country with high unemployment you find the most interesting and surprising people without work. One of our neighbors is a secondary school science teacher, with agricultural teaching experience, who lived in Russia for 6 years studying and working, yet now is unemployed. He speaks 3 languages fluently and another three he speaks well. He is a very intelligent person with a very broad worldview. He can tell you the current price of a barrel of crude oil or talk in detail about the history of India or the United States. In any another country he would have the choice of jobs, in Mozambique too many people are unemployed. His wife sells sweet potato at the local market to enable the family to eat. Her stall consists of a hessian bag laid out on the ground with piles of sweet potatoes spread out upon it.

Another man we know was a MIG fighter pilot during the war. He must be one smart cookie because you don't send the first person who comes along to Russia for training. Now he is unemployed. What a shame people like him are not used to get the country back on its feet.