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Isaiah 65:1-3 I, the LORD, was ready to answer even those who were not asking and to be found by those who were not searching. To a nation that refused to worship me, I said "Here I am!" All day long I have reached out to stubborn and sinful people going their own way. They keep making me angry by sneering at me, while offering sacrifices to idols in gardens and burning incense to them on bricks. (CEV)

God is so merciful that he is willing to answer people who do not ask Him questions and to reveal Himself to people who are not looking for Him.
We are so naive that we continue to do our own thing despite God's goodness. Worse still, we offend God with our silly self-religion invented by us to replace the creator. If man invents a god, he can control the amount of attention he must give that god. If we follow the one living God we must live by His rules, something that man has not learned to do well.