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The nation’s minimum wage is set to rise. The current minimum wage is set at AU$79 per month or AU$18 per week.
It is easy to assume that everything is cheap here so the money goes a long way, but a litre of milk is au $2, 1 kg of tomatoes, beans, & potatoes is $1, 1kg chicken is AU$3, beef AU$10, a litre of cooking oil is AU$2. So how do people pay rent, have power, telephone, car and eat? The answer is that not many people have power, a car or eat meat.
The common breakfast is maize flour cooked into porridge. Lunch may be beans, on rice cooked with coconut, onion and tomatoes for flavour & if a family can afford it the night meal may be sweet potato boiled and eaten on its own.
Clothes are cheap (most are second hand) compared to the Western nations, yet a family of 6 children still costs a lot to clothe so children wear the same clothes all day, every day. How can we help? Pray for God’s favour and salvation to come to the nation, to cause a turning in the economy. Foreign investment in job creating industry is low, as this increases so will the minimum wage.
In the meantime we are introducing moringa to people as a new source of vitamins, plus encouraging people to raise chickens and eat the meat and eggs.