Water Access

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The sale of water in urban areas like Maputo, the nation's capital, is illegal but some homes that have piped water, charge for the service because access is often so difficult for many of the 1.7 million inhabitants. Only 730 000 people in the city are connected to mains water, sometimes only intermittently, so almost every household has one or more 20-litre containers in the kitchen for storing water. This is then used for drinking, cooking, bathing and washing.

The health repercussions of limited access to clean water are reflected in the number of hygiene-related infections like dysentery, especially in children.

16 years after the end of a civil war that wreaked havoc on the country, the majority of Mozambicans are still without basic services. Mozambique now has clean water access of 40% (of the population).(IRIN)