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I have known ninety-five of the world's great men in my time, and of these eighty-seven were followers of the Bible. The Bible is stamped with a Specialty of Origin, and an immeasurable distance separates it from all competitors.

-- W.E. Gladstone Prime Minister

Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired.

---- Mother Teresa

Local roads

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We get the opportunity to meet different people from time to time. Last week we invited an Aussie family to join us for lunch. They were visiting Africa for 6 weeks before heading off to India.

They have children about the same age as Gabi and Thomas. The kids enjoyed playing together and before leaving insisted on swapping email addresses & photos. Wow, how computers are ingrained in this generation.

Mark made a very interesting comment, "you have to love a country where the drivers can cope with large holes in the middle of the road." He was refering to the man holes missing their covers that just appear in the middle of the road as you are driving along. Sometimes these are large enough to swallow small cars, yet there are no warning signs. If you are lucky someone may have used one of these pot holes for a vase, (they put tree branches in them to let you know they are there) but after a while you are expected to remember they are there and just swerve around them. Makes for interesting driving.

Night number 4

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We have had drums playing all night for the last 3 nights, and it sounds as if we are going to have them again tonight. They are played by witch doctors that are performing some sort of ritual.

The drums are made from a single piece of wood covered with goat skins. The sound is quite good, it's the volume that is a little off putting. Using a stick or piece of bone it is quite amazing how much noise is produced. The people playing are very skilled with a lot of stamina.

The wet season is just around the corner, and we had some rain last night. I can't help wonder if this is what all the noise is about or if there is another reason. Let's hope that they pack up early so we can have a little sleep. It is surprising that the locals put up with the noise. It just shows the fear that the witch doctor has over the people.

Please pray with us that we can be a witness to these people and help Jesus set them free.

From the ABC online

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We like to keep up with the world news. This helps us feel that we are not so far away. This news article caught my attention. To break the monotony I thought a good rant was in order.

It's not a drought, it's 'dryness'
Posted October 23, 2008 15:33:00
A panel of federal government-selected experts want people to start using the word "dryness" to describe Australia's worst drought in a century. The word "drought" makes farmers feel bad, says the Government's hand-picked Drought Policy Review Expert Social Panel. The politically-correct push also aims to make farmers accept that drier weather is here to stay, and is not a temporary crisis, the panel's newly released report said. "Words like drought ... have negative connotations for farm families," the report said.

And we the tax payer pay these people?????????
Heads up boys, its not the word drought that has the negative conntations, its the dry dams, no crops and starving livestock that causes families to lose their homes and way of life they have had for generations, that is what farmers don't like.

Kim's parents have had good rain this year but neighbouring districts have missed out. We pray that God will bring rain to Australia.

Extreme Climatic Events

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A town market destroyed by a cyclone

In the past few years in Mozambique the number of extreme climatic events has been on the rise. Recent information shows that extreme events are becoming more frequent, for example, we now see many more tropical cyclones that bring flooding, material destruction and loss of human lives.

Mozambique's geographical location makes it particularly vulnerable. It is next to the Indian Ocean and is downstream from many of Africa's largest rivers. This, combined with low socioeconomic development, makes the country particularly vulnerable to climate change.

The combination of floods and drought makes many communities particularly vulnerable. In times of drought people move closer to the rivers to farm because the land is more fertile, and they settle there to be close to their land and crops. But when the floods come they don't have enough time to head for higher ground. The constant change between a situation of drought to one of flooding means these people are highly exposed.

Mozambique is a very poor country, with limited resources, and the worry is not about who caused the problem of climate change, but more about how to deal with the effects.

(UN Integrated Regional Information Networks)

The task at hand

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Training pastors in God's word and seeing them plant new churches is not the most exciting news item. Unfortunately our hearts don't bleed because we don't have a church available to every child on this planet. We are not shocked that generations of people are unaware of the Good News.

The truth is our hearts should bleed because many people will never see heaven if somebody doesn't go and share the gospel with them.

Let's keep focused on the big picture and remember Jesus' words in Matthew 28:19 (NIV) 'Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit'.

Economic woes

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Are you troubled by the economic turmoil in the world at the moment? As share markets around the world drop, it makes the news even in Mozambique. The average person in Africa is not fazed by the loss of consumer confidence or the price of a barrel of oil or the current bank interest rates, they are just interested in today's meal.

In the west there is good news, recent research has shown that people are generally happier during a recession. They don't work as hard, they spend more time with their families, and are more willing to help others...................maybe it is not all bad.

I do pray and hope that you prosper in everything you do, and you can be a light to this world. God is bigger than the world economy.

Be Blessed.

Moz Tucker

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We're turning Mozambican, yes we're turning Mozambican, yes Gabi thinks so! Tonight, with a little help from a friend I cooked a very common dish for Mozambicans but not so for the average Aussie. It consisted of pumkin leaves (lots of them), a few tomatoes, an onion, a cup of peanuts ground finely and some coconut milk. Cook over a low heat until thoroughly cooked and serve over rice. Delicious!!!

Gabi was so excited because we are becoming Mozambican. Thomas was not so enthusiastic as Tom and 'green stuff' don't agree!

October update

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Hi, please enjoy our latest update

Treinamento - Training
I have commenced training several Pastors in business skills one on one to help iron out glitches in the training material and to give me opportunity to clarify what I mean when I don’t know the Portuguese word needed.
One of the Pastors speaks reasonable English so I do the training with him first, picking up words for the next days training, where the pastor speaks no English at all.
By myself I can do little, Jesus with me I can do much. Jesus, me and financial resources - I can do anything!
Both these Pastors are men of God that each have great visions but lack the financial resources to fulfil these visions. Because of this they have lacked much and the visions have been hindered. The idea of the business training is to equip them with a way of producing income for their families and God based vision.
Using a second language is hard for me but so important, nearly all the people I deal with on a daily basis don’t speak any English. This has forced me to use Portuguese. I can make myself understood, but need more exposure before I could say I am a fluent speaker.

Sozinho - Alone
In December Ps Laine and Roslyn Willis will be returning to Australia. The Willis' have a great relationship with many people here in Africa, who all are sad that they will be leaving. It has been my pleasure to travel and camp out on ministry trips with Ps Laine. His companionship will be missed. We will continue the work they started, training Pastors in rural Africa.
This work is so important. We often visit Pastors who have never had the opportunity to receive bible training. These people do the best they can to pass the Good News on to others but are unable to apply many biblical principles that we take for granted.

Escola - School
Pray that Kim survives school the second time around. She is teaching Gabi and Thomas a correspondence course. I know that Kim has discovered a high respect for teachers and the role they play in our families. Both children love school, and this is a testimony to Kim as their teacher.

Please pray; We are blessed by your prayers
I am praying that by the end of the wet season I will be able to train Pastors using only the Portuguese language please stand with me in this prayer.
For Kim as she takes the children through a school programme.
For new businesses local pastors undertake to be a blessing to them and the church.
Please pray that the Australian dollar rises above US$0.80, on our tight budget we can’t afford a poor exchange rate.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We pray you are blessed.
God Bless
Greg and Kim

Teacher's Conditions to Improve

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The Mozambican government is planning to improve the working conditions of its teachers, but everything depends on improving the overall economic situation of the country, according to the Education Minister.

A representative from the National Teacher's Union has welcomed the government's efforts to improve teachers' conditions. "Teachers' wages are now paid regularly", he said. "There are no longer any cases of theft or diversion of teachers' wages, which used to happen.

The government hopes to reduce class sizes significantly over the coming few years. Currently there are 72 pupils for every teacher in primary education, aiming to have 54 pupils to each teacher by 2015."Reducing the pupil/teacher ratio is a lengthy process", said the Minister, admitting that large class size is a factor in the poor quality of education. He stressed that this was not the fault of the teachers. (AIM NEWS)

Church visit

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Recently I was told about a location that needed pastor training "just up the road", so I agreed to go on Sunday to experience the church and assess the need.

We had to go the night before to spend time with the people, this was code for "it's a long walk from the road". We had to cross the river by canoe after getting off the 2 hour bus ride. Then we walked about an hour to the place we were staying. I took a mozzie net but that was the end of my comforts. I slept on a reed mat on a dirt floor using my clothes as a pillow (I had figured out the code before I leaving home and didn't want to carry anything more that I had to). The hard floor didn't keep me awake, that job was left up to the singers who sung and played the drums until 6am. This was the post-welcome after the 10pm church service had service finished at 1am. Being a morning person I was a tad tired when the sun rose.

We arrived home about 6pm Sunday night I was in bed by 7pm, sleeping until daylight the next day.

All in all it was a great trip, and I will do it again to help these pastors. Next time I think I will borrow the drum overnight, who knows it may make a good pillow!