Church visit

3:13 AM Harts for Africa 0 Comments

Recently I was told about a location that needed pastor training "just up the road", so I agreed to go on Sunday to experience the church and assess the need.

We had to go the night before to spend time with the people, this was code for "it's a long walk from the road". We had to cross the river by canoe after getting off the 2 hour bus ride. Then we walked about an hour to the place we were staying. I took a mozzie net but that was the end of my comforts. I slept on a reed mat on a dirt floor using my clothes as a pillow (I had figured out the code before I leaving home and didn't want to carry anything more that I had to). The hard floor didn't keep me awake, that job was left up to the singers who sung and played the drums until 6am. This was the post-welcome after the 10pm church service had service finished at 1am. Being a morning person I was a tad tired when the sun rose.

We arrived home about 6pm Sunday night I was in bed by 7pm, sleeping until daylight the next day.

All in all it was a great trip, and I will do it again to help these pastors. Next time I think I will borrow the drum overnight, who knows it may make a good pillow!