Extreme Climatic Events

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A town market destroyed by a cyclone

In the past few years in Mozambique the number of extreme climatic events has been on the rise. Recent information shows that extreme events are becoming more frequent, for example, we now see many more tropical cyclones that bring flooding, material destruction and loss of human lives.

Mozambique's geographical location makes it particularly vulnerable. It is next to the Indian Ocean and is downstream from many of Africa's largest rivers. This, combined with low socioeconomic development, makes the country particularly vulnerable to climate change.

The combination of floods and drought makes many communities particularly vulnerable. In times of drought people move closer to the rivers to farm because the land is more fertile, and they settle there to be close to their land and crops. But when the floods come they don't have enough time to head for higher ground. The constant change between a situation of drought to one of flooding means these people are highly exposed.

Mozambique is a very poor country, with limited resources, and the worry is not about who caused the problem of climate change, but more about how to deal with the effects.

(UN Integrated Regional Information Networks)