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We like to keep up with the world news. This helps us feel that we are not so far away. This news article caught my attention. To break the monotony I thought a good rant was in order.

It's not a drought, it's 'dryness'
Posted October 23, 2008 15:33:00
A panel of federal government-selected experts want people to start using the word "dryness" to describe Australia's worst drought in a century. The word "drought" makes farmers feel bad, says the Government's hand-picked Drought Policy Review Expert Social Panel. The politically-correct push also aims to make farmers accept that drier weather is here to stay, and is not a temporary crisis, the panel's newly released report said. "Words like drought ... have negative connotations for farm families," the report said.

And we the tax payer pay these people?????????
Heads up boys, its not the word drought that has the negative conntations, its the dry dams, no crops and starving livestock that causes families to lose their homes and way of life they have had for generations, that is what farmers don't like.

Kim's parents have had good rain this year but neighbouring districts have missed out. We pray that God will bring rain to Australia.