Local roads

2:31 AM Harts for Africa 0 Comments

We get the opportunity to meet different people from time to time. Last week we invited an Aussie family to join us for lunch. They were visiting Africa for 6 weeks before heading off to India.

They have children about the same age as Gabi and Thomas. The kids enjoyed playing together and before leaving insisted on swapping email addresses & photos. Wow, how computers are ingrained in this generation.

Mark made a very interesting comment, "you have to love a country where the drivers can cope with large holes in the middle of the road." He was refering to the man holes missing their covers that just appear in the middle of the road as you are driving along. Sometimes these are large enough to swallow small cars, yet there are no warning signs. If you are lucky someone may have used one of these pot holes for a vase, (they put tree branches in them to let you know they are there) but after a while you are expected to remember they are there and just swerve around them. Makes for interesting driving.