Night number 4

4:56 AM Harts for Africa 0 Comments

We have had drums playing all night for the last 3 nights, and it sounds as if we are going to have them again tonight. They are played by witch doctors that are performing some sort of ritual.

The drums are made from a single piece of wood covered with goat skins. The sound is quite good, it's the volume that is a little off putting. Using a stick or piece of bone it is quite amazing how much noise is produced. The people playing are very skilled with a lot of stamina.

The wet season is just around the corner, and we had some rain last night. I can't help wonder if this is what all the noise is about or if there is another reason. Let's hope that they pack up early so we can have a little sleep. It is surprising that the locals put up with the noise. It just shows the fear that the witch doctor has over the people.

Please pray with us that we can be a witness to these people and help Jesus set them free.