October update

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Hi, please enjoy our latest update

Treinamento - Training
I have commenced training several Pastors in business skills one on one to help iron out glitches in the training material and to give me opportunity to clarify what I mean when I don’t know the Portuguese word needed.
One of the Pastors speaks reasonable English so I do the training with him first, picking up words for the next days training, where the pastor speaks no English at all.
By myself I can do little, Jesus with me I can do much. Jesus, me and financial resources - I can do anything!
Both these Pastors are men of God that each have great visions but lack the financial resources to fulfil these visions. Because of this they have lacked much and the visions have been hindered. The idea of the business training is to equip them with a way of producing income for their families and God based vision.
Using a second language is hard for me but so important, nearly all the people I deal with on a daily basis don’t speak any English. This has forced me to use Portuguese. I can make myself understood, but need more exposure before I could say I am a fluent speaker.

Sozinho - Alone
In December Ps Laine and Roslyn Willis will be returning to Australia. The Willis' have a great relationship with many people here in Africa, who all are sad that they will be leaving. It has been my pleasure to travel and camp out on ministry trips with Ps Laine. His companionship will be missed. We will continue the work they started, training Pastors in rural Africa.
This work is so important. We often visit Pastors who have never had the opportunity to receive bible training. These people do the best they can to pass the Good News on to others but are unable to apply many biblical principles that we take for granted.

Escola - School
Pray that Kim survives school the second time around. She is teaching Gabi and Thomas a correspondence course. I know that Kim has discovered a high respect for teachers and the role they play in our families. Both children love school, and this is a testimony to Kim as their teacher.

Please pray; We are blessed by your prayers
I am praying that by the end of the wet season I will be able to train Pastors using only the Portuguese language please stand with me in this prayer.
For Kim as she takes the children through a school programme.
For new businesses local pastors undertake to be a blessing to them and the church.
Please pray that the Australian dollar rises above US$0.80, on our tight budget we can’t afford a poor exchange rate.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We pray you are blessed.
God Bless
Greg and Kim