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Friday mornings I start my day with a 6am prayer meeting with a group of men. I then travel to meet with a group of Mozambician Pastors for a time of bible study. We started the bible study as a way to help local pastors to glean gems for themselves from the bible and to encourage each other.

It is a new concept for these men to find a verse from one bible chapter and then recognise why this verse is significant for them today and how they can apply this to their lives. The greatest advantage of this method is that it moves us away from verses that are often quoted and allows us to study verses we may have overlooked in the past.

This is truly a way to bring the bible alive instead of it being a book containing theory only. The bible becomes powerful when we each apply it to our lives. Each of the people that take part in this time of bible study find it very encouraging. I would love to see this type of study become a part of every day life.