November already

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Within the covers of the Bible are all the answers for all the problems men face. The Bible can touch hearts, order minds and refresh souls.

-- President Ronald Reagan

Wow it is November already. I am kept busy preparing for next year. I am translating a bible course into Portuguese. This is a mamoth task that is worth both the time and the effort. I will use this materal to teach in 6 locations starting at the end of the wet season. I have chosen 4 out of the 6 leaders that I will train as trainers and have a long term goal that one day they will be able to teach the material without my help. It is our vision to leave these Pastors equipped to train others in a portable bible college setting. I see this program assisting church planting in rural Africa immensely.

I am not a believer in reinventing a perfectly good wheel and have been blessed by Ps Gerald Rowlands who has developed the material which we will teach.

Greg Hart