World Greed

7:30 PM Harts for Africa 1 Comments

The Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd took aim at greed, risky behaviour and excessive executive pay packages during an address to the National Press Club about the global financial crisis. "As we contemplate the impact of this financial crisis on real economies, real people and real lives, it must also galvanise us to act in the future that we never allow greed and lax regulation to put us in this position again," Mr Rudd said during his address.

The Australian Christian Lobby has backed the Prime Minister's concerns over the role of greed in domestic and international economic systems, with Managing Director Jim Wallace saying that Australia and much of the Western world have travelled too far down a path of materialism, where the desires of individuals are put ahead of the needs of the community. "We see the incongruities of this every day, with people on extremely high incomes co-existing in Australia with an estimated 100,000 homeless people."Mr Wallace added "This crisis reminds us that moral realities are universal and have global consequences. Obscene executive salaries of themselves are not the cause of the current collapse of international markets, but they are symptomatic of a level of greed, and importantly attitude, that is very much characteristic of a world loosing its spiritual roots." Source: Compiled by APN from information provided by the ACL

I would like to add that the current world economic situation is being helped along by an overwelming amount of fear. It is not suprising that greed mixed with fear would cause such chaos. Let us not pray for the world markets but let us pray that people will put their trust in Jesus not the riches of this world.
Greg Hart