Agriculture training.

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What do we have here? It's a group of people attending training in Agriculture. They are sitting in cashew trees and learning how to increase yeilds in maize crops.

What did we learn? On time, with standands, without wastage whilst demonstrating joy. We need to be faithful in what we have been given and invest back into the soil as we can't withdraw what hasn't been deposited. Isn't that right Alan?

Mozambique's Elections

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Mozambique recently held its National elections. The political campaigning is different here than we see in the west. Each political party running, prepared people with party hats, t-shirts and flags, and if they were fortunate they might have been given a Coke too. They then set off in cars, utes, motorbikes, or trucks loaded to the max with people making as much noise as they could. With three parties campaigning in our area we saw people wearing each parties t-shirt on different days. A free Coke is a free Coke.

It was in general peaceful, resembling the party mood we would expect to see on New Year's Eve. It is a blessing to the people to have peaceful elections. It was expected that the sitting government would retain power and they did so, winning every seat in the country minus one. Beira being the only seat now represented by an independent.

Pictured are motor bikes preparing to set off together waving flags and making as much noise as they can.

Gabi with child.

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As much as Thomas loves animals, Gabi loves babies. If we have a visitor with a baby you can be assured that Gabi will be seated somewhere complete with the child on her lap.

As I write this Gabi and Thomas are playing with the children next door, shooting each other with water pistols that they got for Christmas. Gabi speaks Portuguese well enough to communicate with the locals and Thomas likes using her as an interpreter.

Each week Gabi and Thomas have a craft afternoon at an orphanage. This usually includes a water fight. When Thomas opened his water pistol he was excited that he now could shoot the director of the orphanage with water.

Bush Trip

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Laura is currently visiting from Australia until late January. She is helping to establish Sunday School programmes for village churches. All of us spent last week in the bush visiting 3 churches along the Zambezi River and are thankful for a 7 seat car. Laura taught the children's leaders (newly appointed) the importance of children's ministry and demonstrated her ideas for running a great programme.
I (Greg) introduced the training programme for next year. I had the first bible course module with me. We checked the translation and inspired Pastors to attend. Explaining the commitment we expect of them and our commitment to them. The translation was accepted with a few minor changes. The pastors I spoke to are keen to be included and are very appreciative that we would take the time and money to help them as this is the first chance they have had to attend a bible course.
Yes that is right we have a Toyota Prado 4WD, praise the Lord and thank you. We really appreciate the sacrifice people have made to help us purchase this car.

Thomas and friend

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Whilst visiting churches last week Thomas found a friend, a baby baboon who has lost her mum. Some friends are looking after the baboon until it can be released back into the wild.

Once this little fellow got hold she was hard to remove as she just wanted someone to cuddle. Tom was loving this chance to get up close and personal with a "monkey".

Our most common phrase while we were away, "no we can't have one for our place".

Rain at last...

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The wet season is late. People have dug wells deeper in the search for water and even then they have been running dry faster then they can extend them.

But today it has rained, roads have turned into creeks and children are playing and having a great time in the water. Everyone has a soggy smile on their face. The maize crop can now be planted and every well has plenty of water. People will also start to prepare to plant their rice crops, together these foods are very important to Africans.

Please pray the wet season will last a little longer than usual to make up for the late start.

Road canoe

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We drove past these people pulling a dug out canoe along the road. The rope they were using was a vine. The strange thing is how far from water these guys seemed to be.

When I stopped and asked to take a photo they all cheered like they had won the race.

Sore Feet

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Here we see a 13 year old boys feet. He has a problem with mata-canha. On his left foot second toe you can see a flat spot and the fourth toe on the right foot is the same. This was caused by a tiny flea burrowing under the skin and laying its eggs, when the eggs grow the skin swells like a boil until the eggs hatch leaving an open wound that attracts a new flea to enter. You need to dig out the flea and the egg sac (without breaking the sac) and put an antiseptic in the wound. Many non-Africans believe it is a worm in the foot but the locals call it a polga which is the word for flea. I have studied the ones I have seen and they are right - it is a very small sand flea it is also known as the jiggers flea.

Our neighbours had a huge problem when the mother couldn't walk because she had over 20 mata-canha fleas in her feet and both children also had very sore feet. I was in the house for 15 minutes and when I got home we killed five fleas before I sprayed fly spray on my legs and feet. The neighbours ended up moving out of the house as they felt there was a curse on the house. We still often see them as they have only moved a short distance and they have no more problems with mata-canha.

I have had three taken out of my feet as wearing shoes overcomes the threat. Gabi and Thomas always wear shoes outside and have not had a problem.

God's provision.

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Pictured is a Pastor with his family. These pastors are part of our church leader's training programme in rural Africa.

The child was admitted to hospital in the city with breathing difficulties, 400km from home. One Sunday I went with friends and we prayed for the child's healing. After a number of days the situation worsened and the doctors wanted to send the family to the capital city for better treatment. As the family had no means to go to the capital they removed the child from the hospital and prayed for two days, until God healed the child completely. The family went home yesterday in good health on a new train that opened this week. God is good and faithful.

The parents taking the child out of hospital would be considered reckless in Australia but they had no choice as they could not afford to visit the capital. This family eats what they grow. $2 is considered a lot of money and visiting the capital would have cost hundreds of dollars.