Bush Trip

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Laura is currently visiting from Australia until late January. She is helping to establish Sunday School programmes for village churches. All of us spent last week in the bush visiting 3 churches along the Zambezi River and are thankful for a 7 seat car. Laura taught the children's leaders (newly appointed) the importance of children's ministry and demonstrated her ideas for running a great programme.
I (Greg) introduced the training programme for next year. I had the first bible course module with me. We checked the translation and inspired Pastors to attend. Explaining the commitment we expect of them and our commitment to them. The translation was accepted with a few minor changes. The pastors I spoke to are keen to be included and are very appreciative that we would take the time and money to help them as this is the first chance they have had to attend a bible course.
Yes that is right we have a Toyota Prado 4WD, praise the Lord and thank you. We really appreciate the sacrifice people have made to help us purchase this car.