God's provision.

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Pictured is a Pastor with his family. These pastors are part of our church leader's training programme in rural Africa.

The child was admitted to hospital in the city with breathing difficulties, 400km from home. One Sunday I went with friends and we prayed for the child's healing. After a number of days the situation worsened and the doctors wanted to send the family to the capital city for better treatment. As the family had no means to go to the capital they removed the child from the hospital and prayed for two days, until God healed the child completely. The family went home yesterday in good health on a new train that opened this week. God is good and faithful.

The parents taking the child out of hospital would be considered reckless in Australia but they had no choice as they could not afford to visit the capital. This family eats what they grow. $2 is considered a lot of money and visiting the capital would have cost hundreds of dollars.