Mozambique's Elections

11:31 PM Harts for Africa 0 Comments

Mozambique recently held its National elections. The political campaigning is different here than we see in the west. Each political party running, prepared people with party hats, t-shirts and flags, and if they were fortunate they might have been given a Coke too. They then set off in cars, utes, motorbikes, or trucks loaded to the max with people making as much noise as they could. With three parties campaigning in our area we saw people wearing each parties t-shirt on different days. A free Coke is a free Coke.

It was in general peaceful, resembling the party mood we would expect to see on New Year's Eve. It is a blessing to the people to have peaceful elections. It was expected that the sitting government would retain power and they did so, winning every seat in the country minus one. Beira being the only seat now represented by an independent.

Pictured are motor bikes preparing to set off together waving flags and making as much noise as they can.