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What a great day, get to go to church shortly then having roast lamb for lunch with friends. I haven’t had lamb for a long time. I am looking forward to catching up with Kim and the kids on Skype before its bed time in Australia.

I read a nice email from Gabi this morning they are having fun on Nan and Pops farm, Thomas is riding the quad bike all by himself, bit of a worry it you’ve seen him on a push bike, brakes what brakes?

Had a very nice Christmas day with friends but missed the family, look forward to them coming home.



What's special about Christmas in Africa

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I asked a Mozambican what makes Christmas special for him.

The response “It’s good for our family to be together on this day to celebrate.” 

I asked about traditions in his family on Christmas day.

 “It is the one time of year my family has meat. We do not give each other gifts like other countries, but we have a big feast there is lots of food in my father's house.” 

This is true there is lots of food in our Father's house yet this Christmas will come and go for some Africans who don’t get to enjoy the big feast. There are many children here without parents and many families without incomes. Some people will have a big feast yet go hungry in January because they spent all they have on the food for Christmas day. 

I am blessed to be able to help many enjoy their day whilst celebrating the birth of the Saviour, yet I can’t help them all. Please pray for the people Africa, may they get to understand the real meaning of Christmas whilst getting to enjoy the festivities.



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I was having a coffee with a friend and noticed with every sip he screwed up his face. I asked him what was wrong?
His reply, “I don’t like the taste.”
I asked “why do you drink coffee if you don’t like it?”
His reply, “It’s good for you.”
I asked, “why is it good for you?”
“Well” he said, “you white skins all drink it and it tastes so bad the only reason you would drink it is for its health benefits.”

This is a true story and points out a communication problem. My African friend was floored when I explained that I drink coffee because I like the taste and in fact coffee is not healthy at all. He had made an observation and come to a reasonable conclusion.

In the big scheme of things this misunderstanding had little negative effect but highlighted a bigger problem. When being a light we have to be conscious of where our light is pointing. People tend to hold more value in what they observe you doing than in what they hear you say.

Are you a doer of the word or a hearer only? How’s your impact?

Be blessed


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Is it ok to cancel a day off because it's raining and I have work to do?
Ok - I wont cancel it, I will postpone it until the sun shines once again. I have 6 pages of editing on our latest MP3 recording then I can give it to the rural churches to use. Should get it done today. This time next week they will be using it, along with new books of the bible.
Isn't it great that for $35 we can give a church a bible, bible study course, worship music and sermons.
Join me as I pray for 100 of these mp3 players to use in Africa.


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This quote is much like the previous one, only it is much older yet just as moden.

James 1: 13 And remember, when you are being tempted, do not say, "God is tempting me." God is never tempted to do wrong,* and he never tempts anyone else. 14 Temptation comes from our own desires, which entice us and drag us away. 15 These desires give birth to sinful actions. And when sin is allowed to grow, it gives birth to death.

(NLT Bible)


* Or God should not be put to a test by evil people.

Thought for the day

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Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Choose your words, for they become actions. Understand your actions, for they become habits. Study your habits, for they become your character. Develop your character, for it becomes your destiny. 

~ Tryon Edwards

November News

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Church Planting—Plantando de Igreja

Our Bible College programme includes church planting subjects and because of a low level of literacy we have introduced mp3 players as a training aid. We have recently seen 8 churches planted by the 9 trainers. They are using the mp3 players to disciple believers in the new churches, as well as their own. This is very encouraging as they have taken hold of the need to disciple but continue to love to evanglise. What a winning combination.

 We have seen our first cross cultural church plant, where Sena speakers have planted a church in a different language group. Using the Portuguese trade language they are able to disciple them effectively. Praise God for the mp3 players! One hiccup - would you believe I can't find an audio bible in African Portuguese. If you know where I can download one, please let me know as I would love to include it in our material.

The people love hearing the message in their own language. This month they are listening to the gospel of Matthew,  as well as other teaching and preaching.

Church Visit—Visite a Igreja 

A few weeks ago we visited a church of one of our trainers. Instead of reading from the bible during the sermon, I used a mp3 player to play Matthew 5:1-10 in the local language and with the help of an interpreter I expanded the verses. Then we sat under a mango tree and ate lunch as a group. In fact the mango tree also acted as the church. We were shown the new church building that the church members were working hard to build, the roof will be on and the building in use for our next visit. This is local people building churches in action.

The week after we visited this church I was returning from a journey and saw that a wind storm had passed by so we dropped in to see how our friends had fared, I was confronted by a missing house roof and a collapsed wall in the new church. I was able to assist by providing materials to quickly repair the damage. 

Praise points:
  • We are very thankful for the recording equipment we are now using.
  • The rain we are having.
  • The opportunity for Gabi and Thomas to see family after 18 months.
  • The leaders being trained.
Please pray for:
  • Kim, Gabi and Thomas as they travel to Australia for Christmas to visit family.
  • Greg as he stays home alone.
  • The recording and translating work and the people involved in this project.
  • The trainers as they travel during the wet season.
 Thanks for being a part of our work, may you be truly blessed


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This year our part of Africa is starting to receive good seasonal rain. We are hopeful that the main crop of maize can be planted in time for a great harvest.

Last year many people had to plant their maize 3 times due to a long dry spell followed by very heavy rains that washed the seed away. This year so far so good.


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Just a quick note to say the elections are over in Mozambique. The incumbent president is retaining power.

We had a very peaceful election, thank you for your prayers.


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Today is Election Day to decide the president of Mozambique. The current president is from the political party who has ruled the country from the time of Independence of colonial rule.

Incumbent President Armando Guebuza is running for re-election as the FRELIMO candidate; he is being challenged by opposition leader Afonso Dhlakama, who has stood as the RENAMO candidate in every presidential election since 1994. Also standing is Daviz Simango, the Mayor of Beira, who was a RENAMO member before founding his own party, the Democratic Movement of Mozambique (MDM), earlier in 2009.[1]

Campaigning for the election began on 13 September 2009. There are 17 parties and two coalitions competing in the parliamentary election. Provincial assemblies are also at stake in the election.[2]

Prior to the election, Guebuza was heavily favored to win another term, and RENAMO, mired in a bitter feud with Simango and the MDM, was thought to have been seriously weakened since the previous election, held in 2004. (Source: Wikipedia)

Please pray that the country remains peaceful and stable.



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We have just completed a 21 day fruit and vegetable fast. Why? We believe that prayer will change things and fasting helps prayer. We found that it has been an important time for us to have strong prayer and are thankful for fasting.

The church here really needs a touch from the Holy Spirit, we will continue to raise this as a prayer request Please, if you feel you would like to join us in prayer for Mozambique we would be grateful. For many of the people we work with our prayer is all they receive.


● Christians to be discipled

● Churches to be planted in remote areas

● Communities to love their neighbour as themselves.




Pastor Training

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A group of church leaders in the training programme

In the past, churches reaching Africa with the Good News have been very salvation focused. The need for evangelism is great on this dark continent, where people live in fear of evil and ancestral spirits. The problem with focused evangelism without deep discipleship is that a weak church forms where people don't know what it really means to follow Christ. Many church leaders we meet have had very little discipleship training. Some may have participated in a weekend church planting course as their only biblical training. Then off they go with a certificate of participation to plant a church or some even start a new denomination.

Our ministry focus is to disciple and train these church leaders and we find that rural communities lack training the most. Many of these leaders are illiterate so the use of written material is of no help.

We are using mp3 players to assist teach a bible college course for rural leaders. We are currently preparing material in a small home recording studio and adding this to material already in use. Each mp3 player has portions of the bible, worship music, bible training and preaching. A player is given to a trained church leader to use with the goal of including neighboring church leaders in the programme.

Training Rural pastors

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This photo shows members of a remote local church where the leader is undertaking a bible course sponsored though our project. The insert is Pastor Micheque Vale who has poor reading and writing skills. Ps Micheque is well respected as a key leader in his church movement. Due to the nature of our project he is able to use a MP3 player to help him teach other local pastors. Ps Micheque has planted 3 new churches in the past few months and is training the leaders in a bible college course and giving them sermons to preach. They also are able to study the bible together in their local language, all using the MP3 player and material we have taught him.


September 2009 - Setembro 2009

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Train the Trainers—Formação de formadors
We are excited to have been given funds to introduce mp3 players into our training. We are training many leaders who are unable to read or write, so recording our training in mp3 format will help many more churches receive bible training. We are also able to add music, preaching and the bible in the local language. I am excited to know that leaders of churches in remote locations are listening to these machines over and over, getting filled with the word of God. At the moment we are recording material in a make shift studio, we hope this month to set up our own studio to enable us to record more efficiently. We now have 9 mp3 players in use helping groups of people to hear and learn the word of God.

Trainer with a mp3 player

Pastors seminar—Pastors seminãrio
An Australian friend, Ps Tosh Sturgess recently visited Africa to speak at a local seminar over 3 days. His visit was a huge blessing! Ps Tosh has been seeing a great number of miracles when he speaks so along with him we waited with expectation. On Sunday morning the seminar was over yet God had not moved the way we had hoped. Sunday afternoon we visited a small church with about 40 people in attendance, the atmosphere was wonderful! Tosh shared a good word and started to pray for all who were sick or suffering. Many were healed instantly. People with vision and hearing impairments saw immediate improvement. Headaches, breathing and stomach problems disappeared and I have also seen improvement in the health of a lady with AIDS and hope she is healed.
One gentleman who asked for prayer to cure TB did not receive the miracle of healing as he died a few days later, but he did receive the miracle of accepting Jesus. This means he was healed after death and will never suffer again. God’s plan is always better than our plan. Ps Tosh has a wonderful way of involving the church members as he prays for the sick so the next Sunday the church again saw people healed.
The following week I travelled into the bush and during a mid-week church meeting we prayed for 6 people who also received healing. God is fantastic when we put our trust in Him!

Seminar participants

Sunday afternoon church

Position Vacant—Oportunidade de Trabalho

We are encouraged by missionaries who are improving the training for doctors here. As a trained medical laboratory scientist Kim has been asked if she could volunteer in the pathology laboratory as the doctors undergoing training are wanting to raise the bar. We feel that this would be a great way to further assist the people.
As Kim is currently schooling Gabi and Thomas, a volunteer teacher is required. If you or someone you know has the skills and would like to visit us for 6-12 months as a volunteer teacher in 2010, using an Australian correspondence programme, please contact us via email.
Maybe this would suit someone having a gap year!!!

Prayer Focus-Foco de Oração

Please pray for:
For our recording studio to be completed and the correct people to help us record.
For ministry finances
For our health and safety.
For a volunteer teacher to help Gabi and Thomas, allowing Kim time to use her skills in a diagnostic laboratory.
For the people we are working with to have a God encounter, we are not wanting to tell people of God we are wanting them to meet Him.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We pray you are blessed without measure.

Greg & Kim


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We have an additional member to our household. His name is Shadow a 10 week old pure bred mutt. He is one part Village mutt and one part Alsatian.

He gets the job description already and barks at anyone who enters the yard and has attempted to bite one visitor. A little bit of etiquette training is in order, he is good natured and I think he will receive training well.

The chicken seems a bit put out as she gets chased around the house first thing in the morning but Shadow is learning he needs to socialise with others, to get along.

Greg & Kim

In the garden - Machamba

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To Contact us

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To contact us:
+61467 54 9977 whilst we are in Austrlia in 2011

To Partner with us please contact ACC World Missions

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  • E:
  • Toll Free: 1800 555 301

About us

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Greg and Kim Hart have two children Gabi aged 9 and Thomas aged 7. We have been touched by the needs in South East Africa and have returned to fulfill God's work with the spreading of the Gospel to all people and to be a light to the world.

We believe discipleship is the way to help the world and that church planting should be done by locals.

Our role is to help equip them for the task. We enjoy seeing Africans building churches from local resources providing the example that can be repeated time and time again.

We are committed to seeing the African church demonstrating the love of Christ through community development. We see Agriculture and education projects as vital to helping the poor in Africa

Thank you for helping us to help others.

Please double click on the newletter to read

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Gabi and Thomas

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Gabi and Thomas love animals of all shapes and sizes. Some how they have managed to collect 3 tortoises and 2 chickens. The kids play with the chickens everyday, picking them up and patting them. The tortoises hide but it creates great excitement when one or more are found.

The road in and out

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With the constant coming and going the road got very dicey, even making a new track trough the swamp couldn't stop our friends from getting stuck.
Is this extreme evangelism?


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A welcome hut at a lovely location in Inhassoro. The road was waterlogged in sections but well worth the journey.
This made a great place to stay when visiting the surrounding villages.

Small puddle

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It's nice to finally see the water dry up in our street. For the majority of this year we have driven through this puddle on our way to and from the house. The local streets around our house are mainly dirt (sand) with the exception of the main road. During the wet season the main road was chewed up in several places bad enough that each vehicle would search for a way through at a snail's pace. When you see the way people drive it is not so bad when we have to go slow.

We have seen an improvement in the road conditions over the last few years, most of the manhole covers are in place (great advantage to the average driver) and the street lights work more often than not. The amount of trafic on the street has also increased, with many of the drivers never travelling by car before they trained for their licence. The greatest influence on their driving skills would have been picked up from the local mini bus drivers, hey that explains a lot!

I definitely need more patience when indicators are not used, or the car in front of us decides to use the lane we are travelling in to park.

Easter Summit

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We are about to start our Easter summit. It is sure to be an encouragement to pastors and believers, attending a summit perhaps for the first time since becoming a Christian. For the people who have received Jesus into their life over the past 2 weeks they will be able to receive good teaching early in their Christian walk. Who knows they might even bring someone along to share this great news with. Now that would be an Easter gift!
Easter is so important to believers worldwide, this is the time we celibrate Jesus and his dealing with our separation from God, once and for all. His death on the cross opened a path that allows anyone who chooses to accept His forgiveness to have eternal life.
In Africa many people choose this time of year to be water baptised to coincide with the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus. As a Christian to be baptised in water it is a sign that you are wanting to change from your old, sinful ways and to start again with a clean slate, ready to follow Jesus Christ with all you have.

Washing the dishes

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How would you like to have this type of kitchen "attached" to your house? This is common among Mozambican houses. People prefer to cook and clean outdoors as the houses are small and dark. Even many people with larger homes cook outside, maybe its a way to avoid the heat or it could be out of habit.

Building the levee

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We saw these people taking on a mammoth task, they were building a levee bank several kilometres long by hand, to save the community from a flooding Zambezi River. We will go back to this community once the wet season is over as the road is dirt and messy when wet.

The ducks are malaria free

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We all see things in different ways. I was walking along a village path one day and saw a brand new mosquito net being used for a duck pen, or was it a duck pen that looked like a mozzie net? I suppose ducks could get annoyed by mosquitos too!

Another way to travel

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Yep you guessed it, these guys were travelling down the highway full tilt. Would you feel safe if you were the one sitting in the middle?

Ingrained Culture

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I have always thought that the first time you hear something will make it true in your mind, for example if I say the average life expectancy in Mozambique is 40 years of age then in your mind it is true, if someone else was to say it is 50 years of age at a latter date you will think they have it wrong. Truth is one of us is wrong, but who?

This is the problem we face with an ingrained culture. Simple things like explaining that when we enter into the family of God we no longer need to carry out rituals to appease our ancestor's spirits. God will protect us. Sometimes tradition says that if you don't follow the rituals for marriage or death, someone in the family will suddenly die. It makes it hard for us when somebody is forced to commit indecent acts to save others in the family from death. This is made even harder if they are a follower of Jesus.

As we spend the next two weeks on outreach please pray that whole families receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. This will help to overcome this type of problem.

Keep left

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This truck loaded with dried beans tried to squeeze pass a pile of dirt on the road. Ooops... 2 weeks later they unloaded the truck and pulled it out of the bog using a tractor. The driver had stayed with the truck 24/7 to stop theives stealing the load.

Where have we been?

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Sorry I have lost the habit of writing the blog. When I get busy, normal things go to the wall. Well here goes a renewed attempt of getting back to blogging.

I (Greg) have been sick with a stomach bug. I was laid up in bed for a few days but I'm much better now. If I was African I would say I had malaria or cholera as I had some of the symptoms. The truth is - it was not that severe. Even so I would appreciate prayer to recover completely.

As we have experienced in the past, when it is time to go to a new level in ministry its time to overcome renewed attacks from the enemy. I feel this is the case with my health. It's great that the enemy is concerned but it is also a reminder of how important a sufficient prayer covering is.

Why Africa?

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Do you have a heart to reach
the people of Africa?

Greg and Kim Hart live in Mozambique with their children Gabi aged 6 and Thomas aged 4. In partnership with ACCWM we are committed to spend 10 years helping to bring the gospel to people of Africa who need to hear the truth of Jesus.

Harts for Africa train pastors in rural Africa. We see the need to disciple church leaders in Africa. We are training a group of people in a bible college course and discipleship programme. These trainees then help us to run bible college courses in various rural locations. At these training sessions up to 20 pastors and church leaders will take part in a bible college course. These leaders are from various church groups. They travel to one church to receive the teaching and in turn are encouraged to take it back to their churches and teach all the members of the church.

Why a rural location? Because in Africa Christianity is a “mile wide and an inch deep”, rural churches are mostly led by pastors with no Bible training because they don’t have access to it. Harts for Africa takes the training to them. When a pastor is unable to understand the word of God a church full of false doctrine is formed. This false doctrine causes people to misunderstand the nature of God and allows people to include traditional African religion into the culture of the church. We believe God will transform these churches once the leaders understand the biblical truth and are taught how to test tradition against the word of God.

Is this training effective? Yes! We train pastors leading churches and encourage them to plant new churches. The pastors involved in the ‘train the trainers’ program, have planted over twenty churches between them, but are desperate to receive Bible training. God is testifying to His word with signs and wonders. The sick are healed and the cursed are set free.

We use the Church Planting Institute training material developed by
Ps Gerald Rowlands which has been used to plant thousands of churches worldwide.

Are there ways I can help?
Yes join us on a short term trip or become a regular supporter, the choice is yours.
Join Greg and Kim Hart as they focus on building people in Africa.

How do I get involved?

Contact Karen Peyroux at ACC World Missions on (03) 9872 4566 or at


Greg and Kim Hart

Australian Bushfires

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Due to our recent travelling, we have been without the news for several weeks. On returning home it was heart wrenching to hear and see Australia experiencing tragic bushfires and the subsequent consequences.

Our thoughts and deepest sympathy go out to those individuals, families and communites who have suffered loss during these times. It is our prayer that Jesus will place His hands of comfort on all affected.

In the face of this we see people doing amazing things to help those in need. Once again we are reminded of how large the heart of Aussies are.

Craft Day

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Kim, Gabi and Thomas visit a boy's orphanage once a week as part of their school craft. The boys love play dough day. Out of 30 plus boys the largest numbers participating are on days when they either play with play dough or colour in pictures.

Little drummer boy.

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When we visit a church Thomas is always drawn to the drum. Carlito is giving Thomas a lesson during the worship, nobody minds or even seems to notice.
Every church seems to have a drum as the main instrument giving the unique sound of Africa during worship.

A Mango Anyone?

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On the banks on the Zambezi River we saw this group of people with piles of Mango's. Our guess is that they have brought them across the river and are waiting for transport to take them to markets further south.
We have small variety of fruit available at any one time. Only when it is in season can we buy it. Bananas are available all year, at the moment we have pineapple, mango and paw paw in season.
Bit hard to take but I am sure we will manage......

Nice ride

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Goats can often be seen on the back of bikes, the top of cars, even in the luggage compartments under buses. Here we have one lying on the roof of a mini bus. If it's lucky it will be tied on. We took this photo whilst driving along the national highway.

I had one, but the wheel fell off!

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We followed this motor bike along a road. No - it's not an optical illusion, the back wheel has been put on crooked. The rider was having trouble keeping it in a straight line but was doing well to be able to ride it at all.

Happy New Year

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We pray that 2009 is all that you hope it to be.

We have great expectations for 2009 and trust in God's faithfulness.