Craft Day

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Kim, Gabi and Thomas visit a boy's orphanage once a week as part of their school craft. The boys love play dough day. Out of 30 plus boys the largest numbers participating are on days when they either play with play dough or colour in pictures.

Little drummer boy.

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When we visit a church Thomas is always drawn to the drum. Carlito is giving Thomas a lesson during the worship, nobody minds or even seems to notice.
Every church seems to have a drum as the main instrument giving the unique sound of Africa during worship.

A Mango Anyone?

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On the banks on the Zambezi River we saw this group of people with piles of Mango's. Our guess is that they have brought them across the river and are waiting for transport to take them to markets further south.
We have small variety of fruit available at any one time. Only when it is in season can we buy it. Bananas are available all year, at the moment we have pineapple, mango and paw paw in season.
Bit hard to take but I am sure we will manage......

Nice ride

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Goats can often be seen on the back of bikes, the top of cars, even in the luggage compartments under buses. Here we have one lying on the roof of a mini bus. If it's lucky it will be tied on. We took this photo whilst driving along the national highway.

I had one, but the wheel fell off!

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We followed this motor bike along a road. No - it's not an optical illusion, the back wheel has been put on crooked. The rider was having trouble keeping it in a straight line but was doing well to be able to ride it at all.

Happy New Year

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We pray that 2009 is all that you hope it to be.

We have great expectations for 2009 and trust in God's faithfulness.