Ingrained Culture

4:21 PM Harts for Africa 0 Comments

I have always thought that the first time you hear something will make it true in your mind, for example if I say the average life expectancy in Mozambique is 40 years of age then in your mind it is true, if someone else was to say it is 50 years of age at a latter date you will think they have it wrong. Truth is one of us is wrong, but who?

This is the problem we face with an ingrained culture. Simple things like explaining that when we enter into the family of God we no longer need to carry out rituals to appease our ancestor's spirits. God will protect us. Sometimes tradition says that if you don't follow the rituals for marriage or death, someone in the family will suddenly die. It makes it hard for us when somebody is forced to commit indecent acts to save others in the family from death. This is made even harder if they are a follower of Jesus.

As we spend the next two weeks on outreach please pray that whole families receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. This will help to overcome this type of problem.