Easter Summit

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We are about to start our Easter summit. It is sure to be an encouragement to pastors and believers, attending a summit perhaps for the first time since becoming a Christian. For the people who have received Jesus into their life over the past 2 weeks they will be able to receive good teaching early in their Christian walk. Who knows they might even bring someone along to share this great news with. Now that would be an Easter gift!
Easter is so important to believers worldwide, this is the time we celibrate Jesus and his dealing with our separation from God, once and for all. His death on the cross opened a path that allows anyone who chooses to accept His forgiveness to have eternal life.
In Africa many people choose this time of year to be water baptised to coincide with the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus. As a Christian to be baptised in water it is a sign that you are wanting to change from your old, sinful ways and to start again with a clean slate, ready to follow Jesus Christ with all you have.

Washing the dishes

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How would you like to have this type of kitchen "attached" to your house? This is common among Mozambican houses. People prefer to cook and clean outdoors as the houses are small and dark. Even many people with larger homes cook outside, maybe its a way to avoid the heat or it could be out of habit.

Building the levee

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We saw these people taking on a mammoth task, they were building a levee bank several kilometres long by hand, to save the community from a flooding Zambezi River. We will go back to this community once the wet season is over as the road is dirt and messy when wet.