Gabi and Thomas

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Gabi and Thomas love animals of all shapes and sizes. Some how they have managed to collect 3 tortoises and 2 chickens. The kids play with the chickens everyday, picking them up and patting them. The tortoises hide but it creates great excitement when one or more are found.

The road in and out

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With the constant coming and going the road got very dicey, even making a new track trough the swamp couldn't stop our friends from getting stuck.
Is this extreme evangelism?


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A welcome hut at a lovely location in Inhassoro. The road was waterlogged in sections but well worth the journey.
This made a great place to stay when visiting the surrounding villages.

Small puddle

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It's nice to finally see the water dry up in our street. For the majority of this year we have driven through this puddle on our way to and from the house. The local streets around our house are mainly dirt (sand) with the exception of the main road. During the wet season the main road was chewed up in several places bad enough that each vehicle would search for a way through at a snail's pace. When you see the way people drive it is not so bad when we have to go slow.

We have seen an improvement in the road conditions over the last few years, most of the manhole covers are in place (great advantage to the average driver) and the street lights work more often than not. The amount of trafic on the street has also increased, with many of the drivers never travelling by car before they trained for their licence. The greatest influence on their driving skills would have been picked up from the local mini bus drivers, hey that explains a lot!

I definitely need more patience when indicators are not used, or the car in front of us decides to use the lane we are travelling in to park.