Training Rural pastors

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This photo shows members of a remote local church where the leader is undertaking a bible course sponsored though our project. The insert is Pastor Micheque Vale who has poor reading and writing skills. Ps Micheque is well respected as a key leader in his church movement. Due to the nature of our project he is able to use a MP3 player to help him teach other local pastors. Ps Micheque has planted 3 new churches in the past few months and is training the leaders in a bible college course and giving them sermons to preach. They also are able to study the bible together in their local language, all using the MP3 player and material we have taught him.


September 2009 - Setembro 2009

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Train the Trainers—Formação de formadors
We are excited to have been given funds to introduce mp3 players into our training. We are training many leaders who are unable to read or write, so recording our training in mp3 format will help many more churches receive bible training. We are also able to add music, preaching and the bible in the local language. I am excited to know that leaders of churches in remote locations are listening to these machines over and over, getting filled with the word of God. At the moment we are recording material in a make shift studio, we hope this month to set up our own studio to enable us to record more efficiently. We now have 9 mp3 players in use helping groups of people to hear and learn the word of God.

Trainer with a mp3 player

Pastors seminar—Pastors seminãrio
An Australian friend, Ps Tosh Sturgess recently visited Africa to speak at a local seminar over 3 days. His visit was a huge blessing! Ps Tosh has been seeing a great number of miracles when he speaks so along with him we waited with expectation. On Sunday morning the seminar was over yet God had not moved the way we had hoped. Sunday afternoon we visited a small church with about 40 people in attendance, the atmosphere was wonderful! Tosh shared a good word and started to pray for all who were sick or suffering. Many were healed instantly. People with vision and hearing impairments saw immediate improvement. Headaches, breathing and stomach problems disappeared and I have also seen improvement in the health of a lady with AIDS and hope she is healed.
One gentleman who asked for prayer to cure TB did not receive the miracle of healing as he died a few days later, but he did receive the miracle of accepting Jesus. This means he was healed after death and will never suffer again. God’s plan is always better than our plan. Ps Tosh has a wonderful way of involving the church members as he prays for the sick so the next Sunday the church again saw people healed.
The following week I travelled into the bush and during a mid-week church meeting we prayed for 6 people who also received healing. God is fantastic when we put our trust in Him!

Seminar participants

Sunday afternoon church

Position Vacant—Oportunidade de Trabalho

We are encouraged by missionaries who are improving the training for doctors here. As a trained medical laboratory scientist Kim has been asked if she could volunteer in the pathology laboratory as the doctors undergoing training are wanting to raise the bar. We feel that this would be a great way to further assist the people.
As Kim is currently schooling Gabi and Thomas, a volunteer teacher is required. If you or someone you know has the skills and would like to visit us for 6-12 months as a volunteer teacher in 2010, using an Australian correspondence programme, please contact us via email.
Maybe this would suit someone having a gap year!!!

Prayer Focus-Foco de Oração

Please pray for:
For our recording studio to be completed and the correct people to help us record.
For ministry finances
For our health and safety.
For a volunteer teacher to help Gabi and Thomas, allowing Kim time to use her skills in a diagnostic laboratory.
For the people we are working with to have a God encounter, we are not wanting to tell people of God we are wanting them to meet Him.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We pray you are blessed without measure.

Greg & Kim


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We have an additional member to our household. His name is Shadow a 10 week old pure bred mutt. He is one part Village mutt and one part Alsatian.

He gets the job description already and barks at anyone who enters the yard and has attempted to bite one visitor. A little bit of etiquette training is in order, he is good natured and I think he will receive training well.

The chicken seems a bit put out as she gets chased around the house first thing in the morning but Shadow is learning he needs to socialise with others, to get along.

Greg & Kim

In the garden - Machamba

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