November News

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Church Planting—Plantando de Igreja

Our Bible College programme includes church planting subjects and because of a low level of literacy we have introduced mp3 players as a training aid. We have recently seen 8 churches planted by the 9 trainers. They are using the mp3 players to disciple believers in the new churches, as well as their own. This is very encouraging as they have taken hold of the need to disciple but continue to love to evanglise. What a winning combination.

 We have seen our first cross cultural church plant, where Sena speakers have planted a church in a different language group. Using the Portuguese trade language they are able to disciple them effectively. Praise God for the mp3 players! One hiccup - would you believe I can't find an audio bible in African Portuguese. If you know where I can download one, please let me know as I would love to include it in our material.

The people love hearing the message in their own language. This month they are listening to the gospel of Matthew,  as well as other teaching and preaching.

Church Visit—Visite a Igreja 

A few weeks ago we visited a church of one of our trainers. Instead of reading from the bible during the sermon, I used a mp3 player to play Matthew 5:1-10 in the local language and with the help of an interpreter I expanded the verses. Then we sat under a mango tree and ate lunch as a group. In fact the mango tree also acted as the church. We were shown the new church building that the church members were working hard to build, the roof will be on and the building in use for our next visit. This is local people building churches in action.

The week after we visited this church I was returning from a journey and saw that a wind storm had passed by so we dropped in to see how our friends had fared, I was confronted by a missing house roof and a collapsed wall in the new church. I was able to assist by providing materials to quickly repair the damage. 

Praise points:
  • We are very thankful for the recording equipment we are now using.
  • The rain we are having.
  • The opportunity for Gabi and Thomas to see family after 18 months.
  • The leaders being trained.
Please pray for:
  • Kim, Gabi and Thomas as they travel to Australia for Christmas to visit family.
  • Greg as he stays home alone.
  • The recording and translating work and the people involved in this project.
  • The trainers as they travel during the wet season.
 Thanks for being a part of our work, may you be truly blessed