Pastor Training

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A group of church leaders in the training programme

In the past, churches reaching Africa with the Good News have been very salvation focused. The need for evangelism is great on this dark continent, where people live in fear of evil and ancestral spirits. The problem with focused evangelism without deep discipleship is that a weak church forms where people don't know what it really means to follow Christ. Many church leaders we meet have had very little discipleship training. Some may have participated in a weekend church planting course as their only biblical training. Then off they go with a certificate of participation to plant a church or some even start a new denomination.

Our ministry focus is to disciple and train these church leaders and we find that rural communities lack training the most. Many of these leaders are illiterate so the use of written material is of no help.

We are using mp3 players to assist teach a bible college course for rural leaders. We are currently preparing material in a small home recording studio and adding this to material already in use. Each mp3 player has portions of the bible, worship music, bible training and preaching. A player is given to a trained church leader to use with the goal of including neighboring church leaders in the programme.