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What a great day, get to go to church shortly then having roast lamb for lunch with friends. I haven’t had lamb for a long time. I am looking forward to catching up with Kim and the kids on Skype before its bed time in Australia.

I read a nice email from Gabi this morning they are having fun on Nan and Pops farm, Thomas is riding the quad bike all by himself, bit of a worry it you’ve seen him on a push bike, brakes what brakes?

Had a very nice Christmas day with friends but missed the family, look forward to them coming home.



What's special about Christmas in Africa

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I asked a Mozambican what makes Christmas special for him.

The response “It’s good for our family to be together on this day to celebrate.” 

I asked about traditions in his family on Christmas day.

 “It is the one time of year my family has meat. We do not give each other gifts like other countries, but we have a big feast there is lots of food in my father's house.” 

This is true there is lots of food in our Father's house yet this Christmas will come and go for some Africans who don’t get to enjoy the big feast. There are many children here without parents and many families without incomes. Some people will have a big feast yet go hungry in January because they spent all they have on the food for Christmas day. 

I am blessed to be able to help many enjoy their day whilst celebrating the birth of the Saviour, yet I can’t help them all. Please pray for the people Africa, may they get to understand the real meaning of Christmas whilst getting to enjoy the festivities.



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I was having a coffee with a friend and noticed with every sip he screwed up his face. I asked him what was wrong?
His reply, “I don’t like the taste.”
I asked “why do you drink coffee if you don’t like it?”
His reply, “It’s good for you.”
I asked, “why is it good for you?”
“Well” he said, “you white skins all drink it and it tastes so bad the only reason you would drink it is for its health benefits.”

This is a true story and points out a communication problem. My African friend was floored when I explained that I drink coffee because I like the taste and in fact coffee is not healthy at all. He had made an observation and come to a reasonable conclusion.

In the big scheme of things this misunderstanding had little negative effect but highlighted a bigger problem. When being a light we have to be conscious of where our light is pointing. People tend to hold more value in what they observe you doing than in what they hear you say.

Are you a doer of the word or a hearer only? How’s your impact?

Be blessed


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Is it ok to cancel a day off because it's raining and I have work to do?
Ok - I wont cancel it, I will postpone it until the sun shines once again. I have 6 pages of editing on our latest MP3 recording then I can give it to the rural churches to use. Should get it done today. This time next week they will be using it, along with new books of the bible.
Isn't it great that for $35 we can give a church a bible, bible study course, worship music and sermons.
Join me as I pray for 100 of these mp3 players to use in Africa.


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This quote is much like the previous one, only it is much older yet just as moden.

James 1: 13 And remember, when you are being tempted, do not say, "God is tempting me." God is never tempted to do wrong,* and he never tempts anyone else. 14 Temptation comes from our own desires, which entice us and drag us away. 15 These desires give birth to sinful actions. And when sin is allowed to grow, it gives birth to death.

(NLT Bible)


* Or God should not be put to a test by evil people.