What's special about Christmas in Africa

6:31 PM Harts for Africa 0 Comments

I asked a Mozambican what makes Christmas special for him.

The response “It’s good for our family to be together on this day to celebrate.” 

I asked about traditions in his family on Christmas day.

 “It is the one time of year my family has meat. We do not give each other gifts like other countries, but we have a big feast there is lots of food in my father's house.” 

This is true there is lots of food in our Father's house yet this Christmas will come and go for some Africans who don’t get to enjoy the big feast. There are many children here without parents and many families without incomes. Some people will have a big feast yet go hungry in January because they spent all they have on the food for Christmas day. 

I am blessed to be able to help many enjoy their day whilst celebrating the birth of the Saviour, yet I can’t help them all. Please pray for the people Africa, may they get to understand the real meaning of Christmas whilst getting to enjoy the festivities.